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Cheese & Wine Pairings: Trader Joe's Edition

A highlight of just SOME of Trader Joe's amazing cheeses with wines pairings to compliment each one!

TJ’s Rutland Red Leicester Cheese

Yes…a red cheese. The Rutland Red is crumbly and super moist! This is because during aging, the cheese is hand-wrapped in cloth and sealed with butter! …Insane.

Pairing: The cheese itself is already very unique, I suggest pairing this with a medium-bodied red to compliment but not overpower the Red Leicester. Pair this one with a Grenache or Barbera!

TJ’s Creamy Toscano Cheese

Trader Joe’s Creamy Toscano Cheese is another super cool one, as it is soaked in Syrah! When I was thinking about a pairing, my first thought was pair it up with more Syrah right?! But on the other hand, I think that would just be too much…I think it would take away the greatness of the cheese itself. The cheese is described as if aged parmesan and aged cheddar had a baby….nutty, robust, and creamy.

Pairing: Semillon. And this pairing is with the intent to balance out that jammy and nutty flavor with fresh citrus and floral notes you will get from a full-bodied white like Semillon.

TJ’s Cranberry Chevre

A tangy cheese! Chevre is a goat’s milk cheese, and this one from Trader Joe’s is rolled in crushed cranberry…yum.

Pairing: Sparkling (Cava or Lambrusco) or a Light-Bodied White (Albarino or Soave).

TJ’s British Mustard and Ale Cheddar

Best one for last. This cheese comes from a family-run creamery in the South of Wales….MELT. The cheddar is aged for a minimum of three months, resulting in a super creamy yet mild cheese, with a bit of spice from the mustard!

Pairing: Compliment the mild spice with a Malbec or Tempranillo. Balance out the creamy-ness with a full-bodied red like Nebbiolo.

Thanks for reading!


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