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  • Raise a Glass | Uncovering the Trendiest Wine Bars in Detroit

    Why Detroit is the Perfect Destination for Wine Lovers A Growing Wine Culture - The knowledge is spreading, and the community is growing. As Detroit's culinary scene flourishes, the wine scene is too! Unique Wine Selections - Detroit has a very eclectic vibe. That vibe translates to our unique taste in fashion, art, music, food, and WINE! Vibrant Wine Bar Scene - In Detroit, you can walk into a wine bar where you can sit and relax with a book, or step inside to a legendary house music set going on. We have range. Trendiest Wine Bars in Detroit: Motor City Wine @motorcitywine // Atmosphere & Ambiance // Live Music Mondays are the new Mondays: Stop in MCW on Monday nights for impressive house music sets. MCW hosts Kusina Filipino Kitchen on Monday nights as they're food pop-up! The most authentic Filipino food i've ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and it's very fun to pair with the by the glass list behind the bar. Thursday - TROPICALIA: Brazilian and Afro Vibes bring the tropical drip to the city every Thursday night at Motor City Wine. Resident DJ's help commence the weekend while making you forget you're in Detroit. Ladder 4 @ladder4winebar // Knowledgeable Staff // Food Pairings // Atmosphere & Ambiance Ladder 4 screams Detroit. An absolutely clean, beautiful and open renovated firehouse turned wine bar/restaurant. The menu boasts a range of options, from small plates like their venison tartare or their gourmet level chicken fingers topped with kaluga caviar, to their main courses like honey-roasted duck. Their impressive wine list can definitely stand up to their culinary menu, making a great dining experience. Paramita Sound @paramita_xyz // Live Music Tuesday nights at Paramita is a great representation of Detroit and our creative community. Paramita hosts open-decks on Tuesday nights, welcoming DJ's of any skill level to come and spin vinyl or work on their decks! A chance for local DJ's to work on their craft while they sip on some wine. (The menu is modest but fun, I appreciate the range and the inclusivity of Michigan wines.) House of Pure Vin @houseofpurevin // Sommelier-led tastings // Live Music & Events HOPV is located right in the heart of downtown Detroit, women owned, and just bad-ass. House of Pure Vin is the only wine shop that welcomes their guests tasting room to guide themselves through their own tasting with their self-serve wine dispensing machines. House of Pure Vin makes it easy to book a private Sommelier-led tasting for a date night or group outing. There is always something going on here! Whether its during the week with public events, or brunch with live music on Saturdays and Sundays you can always expect to meet some new faces. Stadt Garten @stadtgartendetroit // Atmosphere & Ambiance // Eclectic Wine List Stadt Garten is lovely little wein & bier garden with a modest but eclectic wine list and small plates menu. I love stopping by here in the summer, hanging out in the garden with friends, and trying a new varietal. Thursdays at Stadt Garten is dedicated to the community. From 3-11 every Thursday, Stadt Garten welcomes their guest with specials on drinks and snacks all evening. The Royce @theroycedetroit // Impressive Wine Menu // Atmosphere & Ambiance A truly beautiful space, perfect for a date or solo date. I always describe the aesthetic as a wine library. Bottles displayed floor to ceiling with sliding ladders, small and communal tables throughout, a bright but cozy ambiance with live plants and soft music setting the tone. Beautiful, peaceful, clean. The Royce has a very educated staff that is always happy to answer questions or make suggestions. The staff there actually periodically hosts 'wine class' there with different subject matters ranging from How to Taste to diving deep into Bordeaux. Stay updated on their socials! This list highlights my favorite wine bars and shops that represent Detroit's creativity and growing knowledge. With each visit, patrons are treated to an experience that not only highlights the quality of the wines but also the passion and dedication of the owners and staff. As word spreads about these hidden gems, recognition is surely on its way for the contribution they make to our community and our culinary/wine scene. Cheers everyone, have fun! #detroit #detroitwinebars #detroitnewrestaurant #detroitwineshop

  • 5 Wine-Tasting Tips | taste like a pro

    Got an invite to a wine tasting coming up? Planning your own? I gathered some tips for you! 1. Bring a bottle! Don’t be that person that shows up to a tasting empty handed! More the merrier, and it gives you and the other guests further chance to expand and test your palate. Set a limit and tell everyone to bring a bottle under $20! 2. NO mints, no perfume. If you’re sucking on a mint before the tasting, its going to mess with your palate. And if you, or one of your guests show up drenched in Chanel perfume it’s going to effect your ability to smell. 3. Water and snackies! Gotta hydrate and stay energized while you taste! I like to set out a little grazing board while I taste alone or with friends- this way I can pair it up a bit! Sip on some Sauvignon Blanc, snack on some goat cheese and crackers…chefs kiss. 4. Pen and paper. Get your nerd on. I 100% recommend always taking notes while you taste. It helps you formulate what youre smelling and drinking when you get it down on paper. AND, you want to remember what you like/dislike so you can go back and reference what you were fond of. 5. Wine key & decanter! Don’t be that person. Pop that and let it decant so you can expose the wine to oxygen and separate the sediment. #winetasting #wine #tasting #winepro #decant #decanter #charcuterie #sommelier #winebabesclub #latinaswineclub

  • What is 'body'? | Wine 101

    A wines ‘body’ refers to how heavy, rich, and complex a wine is. When you decipher your preference on body, it’s a great way to figure out what kind of wine you favor. It will help next time you're out and want to get a glass, or when you're wandering around the wine shop for too long and can't decide! Contributors to a wines body: Alcohol level Probably the biggest contributor to body. As a general rule, wines with an alcohol level over 14% tend to taste ‘full-bodied’. Grape variety Grape varieties with thicker skins tend to produce fuller-bodied wines. For example, Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned, low tannin grape, resulting in a light bodied wine. Then on the other hand, think Malbec. Thicker skinned, more tannins, warmer climate grown…big-bodied red. Clues to gauge body: Tannin level Generally speaking, a wine that is more tannic is typically fuller-bodied. Viscosity Look at the wine, can you see through it? Viscosity references the color of the wine, the lighter, the less alcohol. Climate Generally speaking, grapes grown in warmer climates tend to produce fuller-bodied wines. Cooler climate grown grapes tend to produce a sharp or bright flavor, from the increased acidity. Aging technique If a wine is aged in oak, it tends to be fuller-bodied. Oak aging is typically noted on the back label! Here is a couple helpful links to learn more about ‘Body’: #bigbodyred #viscosity #readingthelabel #gaugingbody #winebody #oakaging #climate #grapevariety #alcohollevels #wineclub #redwine #wine

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