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  • 5 Wine-Tasting Tips | taste like a pro

    Got an invite to a wine tasting coming up? Planning your own? I gathered some tips for you! 1. Bring a bottle! Don’t be that person that shows up to a tasting empty handed! More the merrier, and it gives you and the other guests further chance to expand and test your palate. Set a limit and tell everyone to bring a bottle under $20! 2. NO mints, no perfume. If you’re sucking on a mint before the tasting, its going to mess with your palate. And if you, or one of your guests show up drenched in Chanel perfume it’s going to effect your ability to smell. 3. Water and snackies! Gotta hydrate and stay energized while you taste! I like to set out a little grazing board while I taste alone or with friends- this way I can pair it up a bit! Sip on some Sauvignon Blanc, snack on some goat cheese and crackers…chefs kiss. 4. Pen and paper. Get your nerd on. I 100% recommend always taking notes while you taste. It helps you formulate what youre smelling and drinking when you get it down on paper. AND, you want to remember what you like/dislike so you can go back and reference what you were fond of. 5. Wine key & decanter! Don’t be that person. Pop that and let it decant so you can expose the wine to oxygen and separate the sediment. #winetasting #wine #tasting #winepro #decant #decanter #charcuterie #sommelier #winebabesclub #latinaswineclub

  • What is 'body'? | Wine 101

    A wines ‘body’ refers to how heavy, rich, and complex a wine is. When you decipher your preference on body, it’s a great way to figure out what kind of wine you favor. It will help next time you're out and want to get a glass, or when you're wandering around the wine shop for too long and can't decide! Contributors to a wines body: Alcohol level Probably the biggest contributor to body. As a general rule, wines with an alcohol level over 14% tend to taste ‘full-bodied’. Grape variety Grape varieties with thicker skins tend to produce fuller-bodied wines. For example, Pinot Noir is a thin-skinned, low tannin grape, resulting in a light bodied wine. Then on the other hand, think Malbec. Thicker skinned, more tannins, warmer climate grown…big-bodied red. Clues to gauge body: Tannin level Generally speaking, a wine that is more tannic is typically fuller-bodied. Viscosity Look at the wine, can you see through it? Viscosity references the color of the wine, the lighter, the less alcohol. Climate Generally speaking, grapes grown in warmer climates tend to produce fuller-bodied wines. Cooler climate grown grapes tend to produce a sharp or bright flavor, from the increased acidity. Aging technique If a wine is aged in oak, it tends to be fuller-bodied. Oak aging is typically noted on the back label! Here is a couple helpful links to learn more about ‘Body’: #bigbodyred #viscosity #readingthelabel #gaugingbody #winebody #oakaging #climate #grapevariety #alcohollevels #wineclub #redwine #wine

  • Beaujolais Nouveau - Race to the bottle! Race to the baby Beaujolais!

    Little background and profile of this divergent, youthful wine: “Beajolais Nouveau”- new Beaujolais. Beaujolais Nouveau is Beaujolais (made from Gamay grapes) that is only seven to nine weeks old. Beaujolais Nouveau accounts for nearly half of all basic Beaujolais made! In the late 1960’s a PR wine guy came up with a whole campaign and flooded the streets of Lyon and Paris with posters screaming “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!'. The scheme behind it? A way of creating quick recognition and easy cash, under the impression of celebrating the Beaujolais harvest. Buuut the real deal was that it was young…almost too young as its released RIGHT after harvest. Releasing the Beaujolais at seven to nine weeks results in a very youthful, fruit-forward, grapey wine. Flavor profile you should expect- melted purple popsicles, or sometimes bubble-gum like…an adult grape juice that will go down too quick. ;) In 1985, France’s Insitut National des Appellations d’Origine (INAO) set the third Thursday in November as Beaujolais Nouveau’s official release date. In turn, this has winemakers rushing to release their Nouveau’s on Nouveau day…forcing them to pick even earlier which undermine the grape itself. But what can we do aside from blame the 60’s PR oenophile who was trying to push out baby Beaujolais and make some quick cash from the casks? Cheers, see you on the third Thursday of November! #beaujolais #beaujolaisnouveau #france #frenchwine #gamay #youthfulwine #fruitywine #beaujolaisfrance #frenchwinemakers #frenchwinemaking #youngwine #harvestseason #gamaygrapes #IANO

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