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5 Wine-Tasting Tips | taste like a pro

Got an invite to a wine tasting coming up? Planning your own? I gathered some tips for you!

1. Bring a bottle!

Don’t be that person that shows up to a tasting empty handed! More the merrier, and it gives you and the other guests further chance to expand and test your palate. Set a limit and tell everyone to bring a bottle under $20!

2. NO mints, no perfume.

If you’re sucking on a mint before the tasting, its going to mess with your palate. And if you, or one of your guests show up drenched in Chanel perfume it’s going to effect your ability to smell.

3. Water and snackies!

Gotta hydrate and stay energized while you taste! I like to set out a little grazing board while I taste alone or with friends- this way I can pair it up a bit! Sip on some Sauvignon Blanc, snack on some goat cheese and crackers…chefs kiss.

4. Pen and paper. Get your nerd on.

I 100% recommend always taking notes while you taste. It helps you formulate what youre smelling and drinking when you get it down on paper. AND, you want to remember what you like/dislike so you can go back and reference what you were fond of.

5. Wine key & decanter!

Don’t be that person. Pop that and let it decant so you can expose the wine to oxygen and separate the sediment.


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