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Why wines taste the way they do!

What makes each wine taste different? Location, terroir, harvest and weather!

Location – Where the grapes are grown. It's pretty much everything. Vines have limits. Grapes have limits. Limits such as: days of sunlight, elevation, angle of the sun on the geography, and average temperature & rainfall. Whites thrive in colder regions, reds in warmer regions.

Terroir – The soil that the grapes were grown in. Inadvertently, the taste of the soil the vines grow in, emerge from the finished wine. If grown in a limestone soil, you may taste aromas of gunflint or wet pebbles.

Harvest – The exact time that the grapes were picked. Grapes are picked from the vine when the perfect ratio of acidity and sugar the vitner wanted is reached! Pick too soon, the wine will come out tart and acidic. Pick too late, the sweetness will be overbearing.

Weather – Were the grapes affected by adverse weather? Vines are tricky. They love routine climate. The slightest change in temperature can be detrimental. Regions with coolers climates produce wines that are more tart, warmer climates produce a more ripe tasting wine. Frost and heat can damage entire rip


tasting wine. Frost and heat can damage entire vineyards.



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